Monday, 23 March 2009

Sideshow Exclusive Gandalf the Grey Premium Format Figure Priority Pre-Order


Gandalf the Grey Premium Format Figure - Regular Edition

Gandalf the Grey Premium Format Figure - Sideshow Exclusive

We are proud to offer our newsletter subscribers Priority Pre-Order for the Gandalf the Grey Premium Format Figure - Sideshow Exclusive

•Pre-Orders begin January 29th 2010, at 10AM PT

•You will NOT be contacted via email the same day that the item is posted for pre-order

•Additional information about this priority pre-order will be sent to all The Lord of the Rings newsletter subscribers on Jan 27th, 2010. Receipt of this e-mail DOES NOT indicate that you are qualified, but only that you have selected to receive newsletter information about our Marvel collectibles.

•You must be a registered newsletter subscriber and sideshow account holder by Thursday, Jan 28th, 2010, 11:59PM PDT

•Phone orders will be taken for qualified Priority Pre-Order subscribers, however we believe that your online ordering experience will be much faster then ordering via phone.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Can's bachelor party...

Where should I begin...

On 20.07.2008 Sunday, Can rented a boat for his bachelor party. He was dressed in traditional Ottoman clothes because the theme for the nights party was going to be "Ottoman". With his dad he arranged another boat to take "the girls" (his mom, fiance, her mother along with all their friends) half an hour before our boat.The plan was to intercept and siege their boat at exactly 22:00 at Beykoz.

They had no idea we were behind on an other boat, silently gaining on them...

I have heard of real wild bachelor parties but I would never trade that night to any other. It was emotional for all of us and seing Can like that warmed our souls. He was happy and you could easily see it in his eyes. It was pure and without strain. Rock on brother!!!

Can's wedding is next week on the 3rd of August. I'll post photos after the wedding. Stay tuned friends...


Saturday, 10 May 2008

Q & A with FelmarWETA ( Felipe )

Hi everyone, here we are yet with another interview with one of my favorite collector. Felipe from US, kindly opens his doors to his collection and shares his thoughts about the the hobby we all love. He also shared with us some pictures of his amazing collectibles. Here you will see the most rare stuff from lifesize to studio scale, props to statues. Hope you enjoy it.

Can: Hi Felipe. First of all thanks for accepting our interview offer and sharing your collection with us.
Felipe: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.
Can: Now, I know that you have a massive collection from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Alien. Most of the collectors are amazed when they see your collection on forums. Hope you will share something different with us today, something we haven't seen before :)
Felipe: LOTR was the first line I got into...its what opened the flood gates, lol. I then ventured into Star Wars, Predator, Terminator and Aliens, everything sci-fi as you can see. I do have some unique 1:1 scale predator and alien figures that I consider my center piece collectibles. Its always scary when Thursday rolls pre-orders at Sideshow.

Can: Ok for a start tell us a little bit about yourself please.
Felipe: Well, I'm 29 years old and live in Southern California. I've been collecting for about 5-6 years now and it looks like there is no end in sight. I enjoy watching movies, playing and watching baseball, gambling, skiing, listening to music and learning about new things in technology. As if collecting statues and props wasn't nerdy enough, I also have a flashlight collection.

Can: When did you first start collecting and what was your first collectible?

Felipe: As I mentioned earlier, I started collecting Lord of the Rings statues from Sideshow/WETA first. That's how I got my handle on the forums (FelMarWETA). My very first statue I bought was the orc overseer piece.

Can: Which lines you collect and What is your favorite collectible and why?

Felipe: I collect the statues and environments from the LOTR line...I did have helms and busts, but I have sold most of those now. I also have many life-size props from Aliens, Predator and Terminator. My United Cutlery collection is comprised of swords and helmets while the Star Wars items I have are studio Scale props from Master Replicas. My favorite collectible would have to be the 1:1 scale Alien prop...its stand over 7 feet tall !

Can: What is your favorite collectibles manufacturer? Is there any other line that you always wanted to get in but couldn't find the funds or the space for it?

Felipe: My favorite manufacturer would have to be Sideshow Collectibles. Its the 1st line I got into and it also offers the most extensive pieces from all the different movies. I really wanted to collect some of the Cinemaquette pieces, but along with being very expensive, I have been running out of room to display them. I hope to one day have a room in my house dedicated to just collectibles...that will allow me to get more pieces.

Can: What do you think about the collectible society? For example flippers.. are you one of them ? and ebay? doing trades on forums?

Felipe: I would consider myself a true collector that sometimes "flips" older collectibles to be able to fund some of the new pieces that come out. If an item has a going rate or $500 that originally cost $200, I will sell it in the $500 range. I do sell some of my statues and props on ebay, but I will try and offer them on the forums first. I think doing trades is great if there is something out there you are looking for and can acquire...its great for both parties.

Can: Let's talk about the forums a little bit. We met at Shadow and Flame Forum. My personal opinion is that it is the best forum on the net. There aren't a huge number of members( like freaks board or statue forum) but almost more than half of the members there, are active. and everyone on S&F forum are very friendly. Also i believe that it is the only forum which gives more giveaways than any other forum on the net:) almost 5-6 every month right? you and 3 other members of S&F Forum are also working on a new website right? tell us a little bit about it. also what other websites you visit when you turn on your computer to go for statue hunting.

Felipe: I think Shadow and Flame is the BEST forum on the you mentioned, its full of great people and its not overly crowded. We have a good number of active posters that have been there since the beginning...I joined several months after it started and visit it almost every day. I also go on the Freaks board from time to time...its a good place to search for items and also sell as there are A LOT more members on that site. I have never gone to statue forum. We do have many giveaways at Shadow and Flame...its one of the characteristics that makes us unique and part of the reason we keep our members posting and participating. There are a few of us that have started posting at a new website- THE COLLECTIVE. Its a blog where we can share ideas on the the collecting industry and also post some reviews and highlights from just about all the lines out there. Charles Song is the man who started it and is also responsible for Shadow and Flame and (ARTIST PROOF COLLECTIBLOG).

Can: Do you collect any artwork to display with your collection and who are your favorite artists ?

Felipe: I have a few pieces of art that I collect as well...unfortunately I don't have them on display at the moment since most of my swords and props are taking up the wall space =) I have the great prints that Charles Song made...I have about 6 of his pieces along with the Stunning ORTHANC he made. I will have his Orthanc framed and mounted on the wall...its just a matter of time.

Can: here is the link to Charles Song's website where you can see some of his work.

Can: If you had to keep one collectible from your entire collection which one would it be? I know it's a stupid question but it's a tradition i had to ask :)

Felipe: I think I would have to keep my Millennium Falcon thats signed by Harrison Ford. Its my favorite Star Wars ship and he's also one of my favorite actors. By the way...I can't wait for the new Indiana Jones movie to come out!

Can: That's all from me. Thanks again for giving your time to answer our questions. I'm sure all visitors will enjoy this interwiev as much as i did.

Felipe: Thanks, Can...I really enjoyed answering the questions and I hope my feedback has been insightful. I look forward on reading other interviews you have with other collectors such as myself.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

On the phone with Sideshow Operations Manager Brant Bridges

Dear EOTC guests,

We would like to share with you photographs of the tie signed by Sideshow's "Production Manager" Scott Klauder which Can had won off of an auction held for Diane Kamahele.

We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to all her family members, her friends at Sideshow and friends all around the world.

This was a great opportunity for us to participate and win a Memorial Auction to show how much we cared for her lovely three kids. Being part of such a mission and being able to contribute was very important to us. We'll continue to participate and provide funds needed for health and education benefits for all three of Diane’s children, Charlie Jr., Dylan and Keilani. We feel that there's so much more to do and our part is definitely not done...

In the near future we'll be auctioning the "prototype" Spider-Man bust that was sent to us as a thank you gift by Sideshow Collectibles and donate the total winning value to The Diane Kamahele Memorial Fund. We are hoping for everyone's participation and blessing.

The Spider-Man bust is a preproduction sample which you'll hear Brant Bridges, the Production Manager of Sideshow state clearly during our phone conversation with him.